If Memories were Footprints in the Sand - Custom Rug

Sweetest Love Gift of All: Your Child's Handwriting and Drawing into Your Own Custom Rug

Thoughtful Custom Rug as the Most Special Present for the Grandparents

Sharks and Fishes Become a Rug at our Hong Kong Children's Drawing Contest

Santa Claus is Home to Stay Custom Rug

Combining Several Drawings into One Handknotted Rug

Treasured Childhood Creation Becomes a Handmade Custom Rug

Peacock Colouring Page turned Handmade Custom Rug

Felt Ball Colourful House Rug from a Children's Drawing

How it all started at Rug Your Life

Outer Space Station Child Artwork turned her Own Custom Rug

Custom Handmade Rug for School Auction from Students' Artwork - Inspired by Kandinsky

Felt Ball Ambulance Rug from a Children's Drawing

Felt Ball Rug Astronaut in the Galaxy

Giraffe Wallpaper as a Matching Children's Bedroom Rug

Drawing Contest Rug I

Toddler Watercolour turned modern Custom Rug

Friends in the Clouds Picture Book Children's Rug

Custom Handmade Rug - Butterfly Painting

Custom Nursery Rug from a Wallpaper with Sweet Bunny and Duck

Your Child's First Handwritten Letters as a Custom Handmade Rug

Butterfly Children Watercolor Custom Rug

Custom Handtufted Rug Mother Sending Her Love and Kisses to Her Child